English jokes..


BIBLE = Basic Instructions before Leaving the Earth

Don't steal, don't lie and don't cheat. The government hates competition!

Facebook down, productivity levels around the world increase 80%.

Facebook is the second most popular word that starts with an "F" and ends with a "K".

I never finish anyth

LIFE = (L)ies (I)n (F)ront of (E)yes

My little sister's password for the Disney website is "MickeyMinnieGoofyPluto" i asked her why, she said "They told me to use 4 characters".

"My mom thinks "lol" means "lots of love".
She texted me: "Your Grandma had just died. LOL"

Siri? Where is iPhone 5?

"Vegetarian" is an old indian word for "bad hunter".

"Your mamma is so fat, I added a circle just for her! (by google+)

Mohlo by se vám líbit